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Water Activity


The world’s hottest water activity, take only 50 minutes to drive from downtown Taipei!

It looks very difficult, but it is not at all. It can be learned in 10 minutes.

Stand Up Paddle

The diversity of gameplay such as SUP Yoga, SUP FIT Water Fitness, SUP Surfing is also fun.  Paddling SUP and Watching Sunrise is a very special experience.

Come on and bring your SUP, Let’s paddle.

Dragon boat

Paddling dragon boat is not only a celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival, but also a brand new group activity experience. It is suitable for all seasons and is a traditional and cultural visit to Taiwan that absolutely can not be missed!


Taiwan is very suitable for kayaking, surrounded by the sea, and there are many rapid rivers that can be used for kayak adventures.

Extreme Sport

Bungy Taiwan 高空彈跳 人生必體驗 - 臺灣高空彈跳俱樂部 | 樂趣灣

Bungy Jumping

One of the extreme sports that life must experience. For a moment when 2~4G falls, it is definitely worthwhile to feel cool and safe.

IKO風箏衝浪 教學, 台南風箏衝浪 新手培訓 TKC 風箏衝浪推廣中心


Taiwan is suitable for kitesurfing all year round. There are southwesterly air currents in spring and summer, northeast monsoons in autumn and winter, and many urban beaches can be used for kitesurfing. The climate is comparable to Hawaii!



This is a new flying experience!

If you are a professional player for wakeboarding, skiing, skateboarding, and surfing. Definitely to try this new sport

Who we are

關於 樂趣灣 : 台灣最優質的戶外活動平台 | 樂趣灣 LeBay

We are Lebay, a group of young people who enjoy outdoor activities. Kasa Liu is our founder. We have a shop on the most beautiful beach in Taipei. We rent out Flyboard and Hoverboard and Jet Ski. We also have many special outdoor activities in Taiwan. If you like our activities, welcome to book or email us.

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