2017 Taipei Dragon Boat Festival

划龍舟: 傳統中華文化, 各國搶辦 龍舟競賽, 龍舟 已列國際體育項目- 樂趣灣 Taipei Dragon Boat Festival : Chinese traditional culture.

Dragon Boat is not only a representative of Chinese culture, but also an international competition. The Taipei Taipei Dragon Boat Festival 2017 Dragon Boat Championship, in addition to using the traditional wood-made large dragon boat race, In line with international standards, international standards include glass fiber boat hull and International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) rule. Chinese traditional and international rule systems and bonus more than NT $ million attract more than 200 teams from all over the world.

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Rainbow Punch Dragon Boat Team.

彩虹重擊龍舟隊 Rainbow Punch Dragon Boat Team

Among the many teams, we found the rainbow flag in competition, Rainbow Punch Dragon Boat Team. Captain Gavin led them in the competition, Lebay boarded the dragon boat, bringing more interesting videos.

Look forward to Rainbow Punch Dragon Boat Team shine fever 🙂