| Taipei Tour Guide | 2018 Taipei 101 fireworks show, the best viewing point.

| 台北旅遊指南 | 2018 台北跨年 煙火地點推薦 2018 Taipei 101 fireworks show

New Year’s Eve in Taipei is absolutely fantastic, with millions of people shouting 5,4,3,2,1 Happy New Year in Taipei City Hall square. Taipei 101 fireworks show is wonderful year after year, the media was rated as absolute Fireworks show to watch in the world.

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The most common kite types of kiteboarding.

風箏衝浪 5大常見 風箏種類 - SLE Kites or C Kites 風箏衝浪主流? Kiteboarding kite types

Kiteboarding since its invention, the design has evolved very rapidly with a wide range of different kite types and different handling and kite attributes.

The market is the mainstream of SLE Kites. When the wind is small, the larger kite is used. When the wind is big, the small kite is used. With the current kite design, as long as the corresponding size is suitable, it can already play from 8 knots to 40 knots.

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Kiteboarding in Taiwan. Da an competition and experience.

2017 台中 大安濱海樂園 : 風箏衝浪競賽 暨 風箏衝浪體驗 kiteboarding in Taiwan 樂趣灣

2017one of the most exciting kitesurfing events in the world is this one. All nine players from all over the world exclaimed that the wind in Taiwan was so good and comparable to Hawaii that our Taiwanese players know , From the northernmost Taipei to the southernmost Pingtung, the eastern Ilan, Hualien. Penghu islands, spring and summer southwest airstream, the northeast monsoon autumn and winter, many beaches in Taiwan are very suitable for kitesurfing!