• Flyboard in Taipei

    The hit of season, a novelty in the extreme world.


Flyboard in Taipei

  • Price

    Flyboard Experience  $2000 NTD

    Flyboard Experience + Record $2500 NTD
    -Drone to take photos and videos, will sent high-quality, non-watermarked files for you.

  • Duration

    10mins teaching.
    20mins experience.

  • Guide language

    English, Chinese

  • Participant
    Age 13 and above
    Height over 140cm
    Weight in between 35 – 100kg
    Foot size 23-30cm
    Good health condition
  • Cancel and refund

    You can cancel 100% refund before 4 days (included booking day), non refundable 3 days before.

From: NT$2,000

What is Flyboard?

In 2012, the world saw the first real, amazing flight on the feet, like “Iron Man”. It was  possible with ingenious invention called Flyboard, by Franky Zapata, world champion in aqua-bikes.

The construction represents shoes, mounted on a special board and connected to the personal watercraft with a hose. All this creates two powerful stream of water directly under your feet. It’s allows you to fly up to 15 meters height over the water, do many beautiful kinds of tricks, dive like a dolphin and etc.

Flyboard in Taipei.

We are glad to offer you to experience the flyboard, this incredible construction of Franky Zapata, with our team in Taipei. We love and do Flyboard from the day of his birth. Welcome to the world of extreme sports.


Taipei Wanli Beach

Tiapei Wanlin Beach

1 km long golden sand stall, free tickets free parking.

Take bus:

Bus No. 1815, form Taipei Station (East Gate 3) to Wanli Beach Stop.(萬里海水浴場站) Walk from bus stop to meeting point about 5 minutes.

-Starting bus at 06:00, last bus at 23:10, daily departure.
-Bus waiting time 15mins.
-Bus ticket price $70NTD, child ticket $35NTD.
-Travel time is approximately 60-80 minutes.

Take train

Take train to Keelung Station and take a taxi to Taipei Wanlin Beach (萬里海水浴場 – 樂趣灣)

-about $300 NTD for taxi fee


Navigate to Wanli Beach and park around.

Charter Service

Lebay Charter Service.

Open on Google Map


Can’t swim to play?

It is safe to wear a life jacket without swimming.

is it hard?

Most people will fly out of the surface in 10 minutes, it will not be difficult.

I afraid to be too high.

Flyboard can be extreme sports, also can play with ease. Highly controlled by the speed of the jet ski, the coach will not give too much power at the start.

Is it dangerous?

Any activity can be dangerous. We have a class before playing Flyboard. It will teach you how to play, keep the danger away from you, and we also have insurance.

Wear and bring.

Wear light clothes and remember to bring bottle water and change clothes and towels. Don’t forget sunglasses and sunscreen!

Wear glasses?

Please wear daily disposable contact lens.

Can I bring cellphone to take video?

Gopro will be better. If you must bring a phone, be sure to put it in a waterproof bag, and keep it all the way, don’t let it sink into the sea.

Travel planning advice.

Flyboarding experience are best on the first or second day of travel, bad weather can delay the experience

If bad weather.

Can’t play Flyboard on typhoon or thunderstorm day. If the weather on the day of booking is bad, we will contact you on the previous day. You can postpone or refund.