• Jet Ski Experience

    Ride yourself, cool!


Jet Ski in Taipei

  • Time

    15 mins experience.

  • Insurance

    Within Insurance

  • Not allow

    Heart disease, hypertension, cerebral hemorrhage, congenital epilepsy, pregnant women

  • language

    English, Chinese.

  • Cancel and refund

    You can cancel 100% refund before 4 days (included booking day), non refundable 3 days before.

From: NT$1,000

Jet Ski experience

Taiwan is an island country and Jet Ski can be ride in many areas. The modern Jet Ski has more than 190p horsepower. Absolutely exciting and interesting.

The coach will take you away from the beach, teach you to ride Jet Ski at sea, and let you ride yourself after ensuring that the waves are safe. The coach will sit behind you and attention to safety.

A Jet Ski can take two passengers. If you are two people, you can experience activities together.

Because of safety concerns, the Jet Ski experience must be followed by the coach. If you want to ride yourself, please choose a rental plan.

水上摩托車出租 Jet Ski in Taipei | Lebay - Outdoor activities in Taiwan.


Jet Ski in Taipei

Tiapei Wanlin Beach

1 km long golden sand stall, free tickets free parking.


1815 form Taipei station to Wanli Beach.

1815 form Taipei City Hall Bus Station to Wanlin Beach.

Charter Service

Lebay Charter Service.


Can’t swim to play?

It is safe to wear a life jacket without swimming.

Is it dangerous?

Any activity can be dangerous. We have a class before rife Jet Ski. Coach teach you how to play, keep the danger away from you, and we also have insurance.

Wear and bring.

Wear light clothes and remember to bring bottle water and change clothes and towels. Don’t forget sunglasses and sunscreen!

Wear glasses?

Please wear daily disposable contact lens.

Phone and camera.

Gopro will be better. If you must bring a phone, be sure to put it in a waterproof bag, even if it is an IP68 or higher waterproof phone.

Travel planning advice.

Jet Ski experience are best on the first or second day of travel, bad weather can delay the experience

If bad weather.

Can’t ride Jet Ski during a typhoon or thunderstorm day. If the weather on the day of booking is bad, we will contact you on the previous day. You can postpone or refund.