• Parasailing in Taipei

    Journey from Tamsui and Soar above Taipei


Parasailing in Taipei

  • Price

    $2200 NTD – 10mins
    $2200 NTD – 15mins
    $720 NTD – Boat Ride Only

  • Duration


  • Guide language

    English, Chinese.

  • Participant

    age 4 and above
    height over 120cm
    weight in between 30 – 100kg
    good health condition

  • Cancellation and refund

    Cancellation and 100% refund 4 days ago (including the day). The date can be changed within 3 days and no refund will be accepted.

From: NT$2,200

Parasailing in Taipei

Lift off from Tamsui, near the Tamsui old street and MRT station. Enjoy  the parasailing adventure. Get up to heights of 50m above ground.

Fly in the blue sky and gaze down on picturesque Taipei. Look down onto turquoise waters and glimpse of coral reefs. Take in sweeping views of the golden sand on Taipei Beach. Get your adrenaline pumping with this parasailing in Taipei.

2018 The new Parasailing boat, name Maldives. Full horsepower, allowing 3 people to fly at the same time.

The Great Sea Parasailing

Parasailing boat: Take off and land on the platform, it will not fall into the water, it will be safe.

Rope: The rope is made of PES and qualified by the Committee of European Normalization, CEN

Parachute: The material used is a special crack-proof nylon cloth with a special color coating that is resistant to UV rays, which is safer to use.

Coach: Head coach Shafaz Ahmed is a Maldivian, European Professional Parasport Association Parasailing coach.

《台北》拖曳傘 : 自由翱翔天際之間 - 淡水漁人碼頭 | 樂趣灣 LeBay Parasailing in Taipei - Tamsui Taipei Taiwan | LeBay



    Choose date, time, number of people, pay by credit card online.
    After successful booking, you will receive a Email confirmation voucher. If not received, please check the spam.

  • ARRIVAL Meeting Point

    Arrive at meeting point, please write the passenger list first.

    Activity safety instructions and explanations.

    *If the weather is not good can’t fly, the coach will contact you, you can choose to postpone or refund, 100% money back to credit card account.

  • Departure

    Confirm that you are wearing a life jacket, ready to go

    The coach will decide the sailing route according to the weather, wind direction, wind speed and sea conditions.

    The coach will wear a safety strap for the passenger.

  • Parasailing

    The coach will open the parasail and the passengers will go to the platform. (the coach will reconfirm that the cord is securely fastened.)

    Ready to fly, please sit and relax.

    Journey from Tamsui and Soar above Taipei

    The parasail slowly retracts and stands on the platform, the coach will assist.

    After everyone has finished flying. Back to the pier.


Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf

Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf

Take bus

Take the Red26 or No.857 bus from Tamsui MRT station to the “Tamsui Fish Market Bus Stop”  walk about 10 minutes to meeting point.

Take ferry

Please walk to Tamsui Old Street Pier to Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf and walk to the meeting point in about 15 minutes.

Ferry Information (Taipei Blue Highway 順風航業):
Ticket price $60NTD, child ticket price $30NTD, approximately 15 minutes sailing time.
Waiting for boat time: 20~30 minutes on weekdays. Holiday 12~15 minutes.
Summer opening hours: 12:00-19:00 on weekdays, 10:00-19:00 on holidays.
Winter opening hours: 12:00-18:00 on weekdays and 10:00-19:00 on holidays.


The Freshwater Fisherman’s Wharf has two entrances and can be parked directly to the parking lot next to the meeting point. The car parking price $60 NTD a day. Motorcycle free parking.

Great sea Parasailing Guiding MAP

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Tamsui sea area


Parasailing, using wind speed and wind direction, Boat power assisted with flight direction and speed, Parasailing and Kitesurfing structure is different, rain will make Parasail wet, it will affect the direction control, so it can’t fly in the rain.

When the wind speed is less than 24km/h, it can fly (the wind speed in the map shows blue), and it can’t fly above green.


I can’t swim, will it fall into the water?

You will put on a life jacket, fly out on the platform and land, not falling into the water.

What do I need to wear?

General clothing, wearing flat shoes such as sandals or slippers, girls avoid wearing skirts and high heels.

What to bring?

Bring drinking water, sunglasses, sunscreen, seasickness medicine and wear daily disposable contact lenses to avoid falling glasses during flight.

Weight limit?

Weight 30-100kg, up to 3 people at same time, up to 220kg.

If the weather is bad.

If the weather is bad and we can’t fly, you can postpone your booking or 100% refund. Customer service: service@lebay.co

Can children participate?

Over 4 years old and height over 120cm.

How high is it usually flying?

The general flight height is about 40-60 meters, and the maximum height can reach 80-100 meters.

Activity time?

This is a group tour. Each traveler will have around 10 mins experiencing parasailing. Actual experience time is dependent on the on-site condition.